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Window Painting in Clear Lake City, TX

Window painting

My clients in the Bay Oaks subdivision in Clear Lake City, Tx expressed and interest in replacing their windows, which is not a cheap project. Instead, they asked if I could paint them. The windows are and aluminum, and typically are left the original color from the factory for years. They begin to fade, chip, and lose structural integrity from direct sunlight and weather. That was the exact case for these windows, but I understood what it took to restore them beautifully. To begin, I scraped off chipping paint, and wiped down all window panes with denatured alcohol, which removes all excess dirt, grease, and grime that prevents proper adherence. I recommended an industrial grade paint from Sherwin Williams that adheres to multiple surfaces with a gloss finish. I applied the product with an HVLP sprayer, which has sufficient output, but very little overspray. In fact, for nearly 450 window panes, I only used close to ONE gallon of paint!! Now that's both efficient and amazing! After the painting was complete, we cleaned all panes with a window cleaning solution to bring out the shine on the glass, which was a perfect match for the fresh new look on the trim. Clients were both amazed and very satisfied.

Service: Exterior Painting


Products Used

    Sherwin Williams Paint

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