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Pressure Washing in Clear Lake City, TX

pressure washing

I received a message from a client in the Clear Lake area subdivision called Bay Oaks. She was interested in pressure washing, and wanted the driveway, walkway, front and back porches, and back patios cleaned. They were expecting out of town company and wanted to ensure that their home would be very presentable for their family in a professional and timely manner. I assured and convinced her that I was the person for the job. I began by applying a pretreatment product to the areas to be cleaned, which loosens the grime to ensure a pristine finish. I began by edging the flat surfaces with the wand. I then used the surface cleaner to clean all of the ground flat surfaces. This method is very effective and more efficient than using the hand wand to clean ground surfaces. It was so fulfilling to watch the concrete transform from grimy to shiny!! I also applied a post treatment to the same areas to assure that the areas are thoroughly cleaned, as well as prolonging the time of reoccuring mold and algae, which are prime causes for allergies and pests. Upon completion, my client was thoroughly satisfied with the appearance of her concrete, and I was awarded the exterior painting of her home as well.

Budget: $500

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Products Used

    Pre and Post Treatment Wash

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