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Interior Painting in Clear Lake City, TX

interior painting

This home is a typical 80's domain. It's in the Bay Forest subdivision in Clear Lake City, TX. It had the dark stained trim, wall paneling, wall paper, you name it. The client wanted to update the walls and trim, and lighten things up quite a bit. She also wanted the fireplace brick painted. I suggested Sherwin Williams Duration extra white with satin finish for walls, and Sherwin Williams Pro classic semi-gloss for trim. These are top of the line products that not only look and cover guest but they will last for years, and withstands much wear and tear. Sure there are cheaper paints that many painters will use, but you get what you pay for. Satin finish is great for walls due to its ability to be cleaned. It contains enamel, unlike flat pants, which also enables it to last lot longer. All of the trim was previously painted in oil based paint, as well as the stain on the wall paneling. A painting rule of thumb for oil based is to repaint with oil based. If not then all surfaces must be properly prepped prior to using latex paint. Most stained trim needs to be caulked, as was the case at this home. You don't want to skip this step. The trim paint I used is actually a hybrid, acrylic product( has characteristics of oil based paint, but isn't ) with excellent adhesion. I prepped the panel surfaces by applying a deglosser product and primer. Once painted, the walls and trim were received a complete facelift!! The home was so bright and full of vigor! Quality white paint is a great choice because it goes with everything! You really can't go wrong with any accents you choose. She was more than satisfied with the walls, trim, as well as the fireplace transformation.

Service: Interior Painting

Budget: $6,000.00

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Products Used

    Sherwin Williams

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